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Natural Products From Talented Norwegian Craftsmen

«Good craftsmanship, combined with a deep connection to nature, promises joy in the days to come.».

Much of Norwegian handicraft is disappearing, and we want to sustain Norway’s cultural heritage.

Ensure the well-being of history and culture.

MADE IN FJORDS provides nature-inspired, user-friendly products crafted by skilled local artisans. Our designs draw inspiration from the Middle Ages to the present day, using raw materials like wool, wood, and stone sourced from the beautiful Norwegian fjords of Sunnmøre.

Hand-knitted woolen garments spun from the softest wool and products from Sunnmøre gardens such as both juice and jam are just some of what you will find in the Made in Fjords store.


Our Viking Collection

One of the products we have developed is the Viking collection with a design inspired by the Middle Ages. It is made of tightly woven wool that warms well, and is a practical “warming pack” to take with you on a trip.

The garments are produced in thick wool that lasts a lifetime. The cape is windproof, and can be worn either with an outer jacket or just a sweater underneath. The seat pad is available in the same color and quality as the cape and lap-warmer.


The Finest Quality Sheepskin Sourced From Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace.

We offer a variety of leather covers, available with or without prints, all sourced from local farmers.

Colors: Grey, brown, white or black, and two-coloured.

Our mission is to actively support and promote Norwegian handicrafts.

As Norwegian cultural heritage faces the threat of fading away, it underscores the importance of passing down the skills and techniques involved in creating genuine Norwegian handicrafts to the next generation. We therefore invited local artists to work in the store and at the same time talk about their products, which the customers greatly appreciated. Every individual product we offer has a distinct story, creating awareness among customers that their purchase is one-of-a-kind, carries a rich history, and, significantly, is crafted with careful attention.

In close collaboration with artisans, Made in Fjords is committed to transforming the raw beauty of nature into stunning and functional products, making them accessible to all. Our skilled producers, spanning across Sunnmøre, excel in their craft and are ready to accommodate special requests for customized items.

Our Purpose

Made in Fjords was established primarily because we observed that numerous talented artisans lacked access to proper sales channels, and we were determined to address this issue. Consequently, we continue our efforts to showcase these artisans, narrate their stories along with the tales of their creations, and provide insights into the production processes.

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